Monday, January 6, 2014

Mint x Impossible Project Filter set

I recently purchased the Mint x Impossible project filter set. Here is my take on it and some sample shots I took with the filters today.

1. Close up lens: I was super excited about getting a close up for my sx 70 camera. I know I will be using this one often! You can get pretty close up using this.

 2. Yellow filter: I did not have any black and white film to test this on so I just used the color. I am not too big a fan of the warmer colors but I know this will look amazing on b&w .

3.  Fish eye : I am not a super big fan of fish eye either. But I actually really love this filter. I can use it to round out the edges of a photo instead of getting that full "bubble" looking affect .

4. Blue filter: I love the blue filter so much! I like the cooler tones and how soft it is! I will definitely  be using this one a lot!

I did not test out the ND filter yet because all I have is the sx 70 film. I will be looking forward to buying different colored frame and b&w 600 type film though! All in all I love this filter set! It is very compact and easy to use. I cannot wait to shoot more with it!