Thursday, November 21, 2013

Late Night In Austin TX

Last night, my sister got her class ring from UT. Only two people could go to the ceremony and that was my mom and my sisters boyfriend.  My mom did not want to drive to Austin alone so me and Faith went with her.  Faith and I ended up walking around downtown Austin a while until it was over. Here are some shots I got. 
Also, I used Fuji Films' 3000b instant film for these. This film is currently being discontinued. Please help and support this film and keep it from being discontinued. 
Please sign the petition here. Or they can be contacted this way as well. 
Twitter: @Fujifilm_UK @FujifilmEU @FujifilmUS
Phone: (714) 372-4200 or 888-424-FUJI (3854)
Thanks everyone for the support and I hope everyone is enjoying their week!