Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ghostly White

It rained all day yesterday and since I was stuck inside, I decided to shoot some Polaroids around my house. I could not figure out why they kept coming out so overexposed until I saw the ASA was still set to 75 not 3000. Some how though, I think it worked out. There is something "ghostly" about these that I like. With the lack of contrast. I found the accident kinda of a happy interesting one.  Maybe I just think of the whole "ghostly" thing due to it almost being Halloween.... I don't know I still somehow like them when I looked at them or at least I think I do. I thought I would share anyways! What do you think of the accident?
Also, I am currently looking into wanting to purchase a medium format camera. I am looking for one under $300 but I have no idea if that will happen. If you have any suggestions for a medium format camera please let me know! Also a *update* on the experimentation with the "film soups" I did. None of them really, well worked out. I have one in my camera that might make it but who knows? I ran one in my Diana Mini and I ended up pulling the film out of the canister while trying to advance to the next frame. That was disappointing. Two others got messed up and there is only one left. Hopefully it all works out! Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here.