Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Club

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know how often I get a new book.  Reading is one of my favorite things do to and one of my hobbies does include collecting books. I plan one day to have a magnificent library full of all kinds of genres of books! I had just finished The Philosophy of Andy Warhol  a week ago and now I am on Emma.  I usually read in between taking calls at work since the available time between calls is so high right now. In case ya'll did not know I am working for a Apple call center in tech support so that long avail is going to change here pretty soon with IOS 7 coming out.  And, no, I know nothing about new iPhone or the software. Apple likes to keep their technicians in the dark as just like the customers. I will literally receive training on those the day they come out.  With that changing though, I am probably not going to be able to read the two books a month I usually do. Work is about to get super busy and really stressful here soon.  I am not really looking forward to getting calls every ten seconds. I like the ten to fifteen minuet time in between calls. It gives me time to read and relax before the next angry customer comes on the line.  Oh well. Work is work and a paycheck is a paycheck. I am also looking forward to later purchasing the books Gravity's Rainbow and After dark once I finish these two.
What have you been reading lately?