Thursday, August 29, 2013

Out of Focus

Here are two very out of focus Polaroids I took today.  I started shooting on a Polaroid Land 420 that I have had for awhile now and not used. I honestly did not even know if it worked or not. I did take me some time (more like have way through the pack of film) to figure out the focus. The "one button" through me off.  I however, thought these two where interesting even though they are completely out of focus. I don't see any type of artist type thing with in them. 
The first one I like is because of the light coming in and the contrast. The second is because of the colors and to me it looks like the flowers got caught in the wind and blurred. I know it is not anything artistically pleasing nor do I think it really has to be. I am just attracted to it for no reason.