Monday, July 8, 2013

Instant Monday

I was off today and so was my boyfriend. We mostly just hung out at his house playing video games. I took two Polaroids of his neighborhood. I am still having some trouble with my Polaroid and getting used to instant film. I learned one of the reason I keep getting blank images is that the second shutter does not always opened. I was able to fix that problem and after some trail and error I at least got two pictures with 3 more frames left on that pack. 
Tomorrow, I am also off. Thank goodness. I do have to take my car in to get it looked at. The door handle is loose and looks like it it gonna pop out. Still works though but better to get it fixed before it gets worse. I think I also need break fluid as well. I cannot tell if that is the issue or it is just that when it rains and the moisture causes some noise.  ( Apparently that can happen? I just kinda googled it) I also have some medical bills I need to pay and the headaches just keep coming and going.  At least even though things are kinda stressful right now, it just kinda keeps me going. I am also (finally) close to finishing the book, 1Q84. It is taking me forever since I have (or rather feel like)I am  working all the time.  I recommend that book to everyone out there. It is just unbelievably a good read. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a happy Monday and a good start to their week!