Friday, October 26, 2012

More negatives

Sorry about the quality of the scans. I feel like it scans color film better than black and white. However, here is some from another film roll I developed. I am not too crazy about these but I do love the one with the lizard. I love how all the silver in the film worked to create that warm tone I love so much about black and white. I also did like the acorns as well. They are all over the place at my grandmas house and when my sister and I where little we used to run around and pick them up in a pale. We call the tops of them "little hats". I'll probably print a few but I am waiting to finish another roll of film that is in my camera. Anyways it is raining like crazy right now and I hope everyone has a good Friday.
These where all shot on my Pentax me super film camera with a 50mm lens.