Thursday, January 19, 2017

First Day Back

Classes finally started yesterday and it couldn't have been anymore stressful. I attempted to get to school early but managed to be  late due to lack of parking. I drove around the parking garage for about 20 minutes until I finally found an available spot. Then, after about two flights of stairs going down, running across campus,  and then up two more flights; I got to my math class about 13 minutes late. I stupidly wore some heeled ankle boots and needless to say my thighs and feet are killing me from all the stairs yesterday. I felt so unprepared compared to everyone else in the small crowded room. I didn't have time after all the parking issues to go and buy some notebooks. To top it off I couldn't believe how many people where in my class! It was about 35 or more people shoved in to those tiny desks stacked up almost on top of each other in rows. Never in my community college career have I had a class so full. It was a strange feeling on campus. I don't think in the two and a half years I have been attending have I seen so many new students or have been in a class so full. Even my physical anthropology class was crowded.  This is my last semester at the community college to graduate with my associates of arts. I am looking into transferring for my bachelors maybe next year. With that said, this is also my last semester of working at the public library which I have grown rather fond of. I was sad to find out that my French 2 class did not make but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since anthropology will be writing intensive. I have so much homework to get done by Monday.  On another note, I finally managed to drop off a roll of film that I finished last month and another that I have no idea what is on it. I should get those back by next week.

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Closet

I know I don't have a pretty display of my closet. I find it to be rather messy and crowded. At one point, I owned so much I had to add the extra rail in there. Now, that rail is for my boyfriend's dress clothes. Yesterday, I managed to cull my closet and only keep things that I both liked to wear and didn't have terrible yellow staining. (I am looking at you white button downs and tees ) I am thinking about giving up on the classic white tee and button down since I am just too prone to staining them and spending time trying to wash it out. Once they all wear out, I will hist replace them with grey ones. At least laundry will be easier to do since I won't have to do color sorting. Over the last year I had  to try to redefine my style. I find I mostly just want to be comfortable but not to the point where I am wearing workout gear in public. I could never bring myself to that. In fact, I really don't own any work out clothes per say. I have been refilling my closet slowly with tees and tanks from Everlane which is now my favorite. I discovered while culling yesterday, that I do need to get a few basic tops. For example a long sleeve tee or two. I have been spending less on clothing since I have started to plan out what I need. However, at the end of last year I found myself thrift shopping too much and adding many things that I just got rid of. The only things I kept was some of my silk blouses. Now I am down to about 30 tops hanging, 2 skirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shorts, 1 dress pant, 2 dresses and 12 pairs of shoes.  I know the picture doesn't look like that much. Some of the stuff I have folded into a rather large dresser I probably no longer need. But this still seems like a lot to me. I really don't think I wear that many different tops. I want to rethink some of the things I have hanging again and some of my shoes. Maybe then, I will buy some fancy new hangings and donate my old plastic ones and I can have one of those fantastic picture perfect closets.