Friday, February 17, 2017

Feeling a Little Helpless

From just a few weeks in physical anthropology I have learned so much more about the environment and how global warming is inducing evolution. And though over the past few years after being inspired to reduce my global impact I feel so small compared to the many others that still do nothing. Here, in the United States our politicians are still fighting over the degree of climate change even though scientist and the rest of the world agree it is happening and at a much faster pace than anyone could have thought. I am starting to not be surprised now every time Trump signs something into office that will hurt our water supply. Just now, there is a news article here about how he is allowing coal miners to dump into our waters. Does no one really care about what we are potentially drinking in our water? It's like this country refuses to move forward with clean energy in favor of creating a reliance on non-renewable resources. I am not a fan of coal or natural gas. I got sick and tired of see natural gas in the home ads on tv for the longest time. But this is Texas, where our economy heavily relies on production and no one wants to change to another source. And since this is Texas everyone has cars. You cannot get around with out one so you have to use gas.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Three Little Sprouts

I took a chance about two weeks ago and planted some grapefruit seeds. I recently ended up with a surplus of grapefruit from my grandparent's neighbors tree so, I collected the seeds from them and attempted to plant them. I figured the worst I could do was kill it right? But low and behold! I have managed to grow not one but three little sprouts for trees! I am a little shocked at this since the last time I grew anything from seeds, I killed it. Just looking at the cute little things makes me so happy! I mean it is way better than staring at my computer screen trying to figure out a math problem for class.